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Intolerance Testing
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Food Intolerance Testing

You may benefit from a food intolerance test if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

•Low energy levels


•IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


•Headaches or migraines

•Aching joints

•Diarrhoea and or constipation

•Skin complaints

Further consultations

Follow-up consultations are between 60-90 minutes long and designed to support the individual for as long as required.  I would typically see a patient for a minimum of three consultations. Many patients enjoy a balancing treatment every month, some 2, 3, or 4 times per annum. It’s a very personal journey, based entirely on the individual’s health concerns.

It is my vision to empower all patients with the knowledge and resources to take control of their own health and wellbeing.  It is therefore my aim to help you to restore energy levels and eliminate symptoms quickly, obviously any underlying chronic conditions could take longer to resolve.